Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Rose of Sharon is dedicated to providing counselling, education and parenting resources to prenatal and parenting young mothers and their families throughout York Region supporting their social, emotional and spiritual well being.

Our Vision

Opening doors and empowering futures.

Guided by our Good Shepherd heritage, we value:

› Individual Worth
› Integrity & Trust
› Inclusivity & Belonging
› Reconciliation
› Diversity
› Compassion

Outcomes and Statistics (2017/2018)

    • 95% have improved sense of self-worth
    • 94% have increased hope for the future
    • 94% have improved family stability and a greater ability to manage unhealthy relationships in their life
    • 89% have improved parenting capacity and understanding of developmental stages
    • 96% have improved decision making skills for themselves and their children
    • 88% have improved interpersonal relationships and social supports they can rely on during crisis


Changing lives, changing futures.

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